About Pride Risk Solutions, Inc. Program Administrator

Get to Know Pride Risk Solutions

Pride Risk Solutions is a program-marketing manager for SouthEast Personnel Leasing, Inc. Established in 2001, we’re proud to partner with SouthEast to recruit highly qualified, vetted Managing General Agents (MGAs), large Retail Firms and other Wholesalers of workers’ compensation insurance for the SouthEast Personnel Leasing Program. We promote and train these MGA/Wholesalers on the operations of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and the many benefits of working with SouthEast to provide stable, responsive high hazard workers’ compensation solutions.

Benefits of Working with Pride Risk Solutions

  • Training: We provide the training and system requirements needed to assist our MGA/ Wholesalers in successfully promoting SouthEast’s program to their agency referral network.
  • Servicing: We understand MGA/Wholesalers servicing needs and leverage the expertise of key SouthEast internal sales executives to meet those needs.
  • Managing: We provide a proprietary web-based system and effective business processes to manage high volumes of workers’ compensation declination submissions and provide speedy turnarounds (24 to 48 hours from proposal to onboarding).
  • Marketing: We assist our MGA/Wholesalers in marketing and advertising SouthEast’s program to the property/casualty insurance agency community.

Soar Higher as an MGA/Wholesaler Partner

  • Discover additional market opportunities for new and existing clients!
  • Become part of a unique and limited MGA/Wholesaler specialty!
  • Benefit from a new profit center and competitive commissions!
  • Relax with few competitors!
  • Experience revenue protection and enhancement for clients!

Why Pride Risk Solutions Works

We achieve success through SouthEast program’s strong underwriting appetite. Its mission is to be the program for those insured who have few to no options for affordable coverage. The SouthEast Personnel Leasing Program offers solutions for distressed accounts with very specific attributes:

  • High Experience Modifiers over 1.00
  • Cancelled
  • Non-Renewed
  • Large Losses
  • Gap in Coverage (currently not covered)
  • Accounts with few or no options other than State Compensation Fund

The Power of Pride Risk Solutions

We accommodate a broad range of gray-collar and blue-collar worker classifications. From guaranteed cost to loss sensitive, an insurance solution is available or can be designed to fit a client’s specific risk management and financial objectives. Our MGA/Wholesaler partners become part of the power of Pride Risk Solutions, Inc.. Our program criteria and protocols keep the power of Pride Risk Solutions, Inc. running, ensuring a sustainable, high-hazard business model that safeguards longevity. Are you ready to tap into that power?