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Do More Than Find Coverage – Find A True Partner

January 25, 2017

Pride Risk provides a workers’ compensation program for organizations with few to no options in obtaining coverage. Most organizations we serve were not aware of our existence. Many consider us a last resort. Companies often rely on Pride Risk as their only hope for securing affordable coverage, with rates that are 10 to 15 percent below those of the state fund. We offer low entry costs to give companies experiencing financial crisis an opportunity to recover.

Pride Risk’s Claims Management Philosophy

Pride Risk offers organizations much more than coverage. We connect high-risk companies with seasoned, dedicated experts who partner with them to manage claims and control loss on an ongoing basis. We empower clients to create a culture of loss control in their organizations.

By providing specialized support to companies working toward greater financial stability, we help them minimize risk factors that could raise their workers’ comp costs. Our carefully designed program and procedures keep our high-hazard program affordable and sustainable year after year.

The Long-Term Benefits of a Lower Experience Modifier

Building a lasting philosophy around claims management and loss control affords the companies the ability to lower their experience modifier. A lower modifier signifies reduced risk and leads to lower workers’ comp insurance premiums that remain affordable into the future.

Keeping costs in check allows organizations to save and build long-range financial strength. By lowering their mod, companies can also access more coverage options in the future. The cumulative impact of sustaining a lower mod over time is increased access to the most competitive premiums and the best savings opportunities.

Learn More About the Pride Risk Workers’ Comp Program

Organizations with the following characteristics can benefit greatly from Pride Risk’s specialized high-risk workers’ compensation coverage solution:

  • High risk business segments
  • Experience modifiers over 1.00
  • Cancelled / non-renewed coverage / gap in coverage
  • Large losses / poor claims experience
  • Few or no options aside from the state insurance fund

The program’s strong underwriting focus assists a variety of gray- and blue-collar worker categories. It provides insurance solutions tailored to serve organizations’ particular risk profiles and financial objectives.

Connect with Pride Risk today to learn more about our workers’ compensation solution for high-risk insureds.