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Opportunity to Maximize Your Organizations Success

August 1, 2018 | By Kimberly Hayden, Marketing/Relationship Manager, Pride Risk Solutions, Inc.

Pride Risk enables agents and brokers to offer their clients workers’ compensation solutions that are uniquely focused on meeting specific risk management and financial objectives. This innovative option provides a financially sound opportunity for high-hazard organizations to keep insurance costs affordable while controlling loss, thus minimizing their premiums over time and boosting their long-range financial stability.

More Than Just Coverage

Pride Risk’s program reduces workers’ comp insurance costs for high-risk organizations right away, but the secret to the long-term effectiveness of our program is the value we provide. We connect dedicated experts who partner with clients to help them manage claims and control loss on an ongoing basis. Our laser focused approach empowers clients to build a culture of loss control that serves their organization well into the future.

By providing a specialized suit of services to companies working toward greater financial stability, we help them reduce the risk factors that could raise their workers’ comp costs. Our carefully designed program, combined with our affiliated companies; SouthEast Personnel Leasing, Lion Insurance and Packard Claims, affords us the ability to be competitive and sustainable year after year.

Dedicated Support Guides MBA Growth

Pride Risk also provides unmatched support to its broker partners, or Master Broker Agents (MBAs), enabling them to continually serve their existing clients while pursuing new business with high-hazard organizations. We support our MBAs in two ways:

  1. Pride Risk employs a proprietary system that grants MBAs access to online resources and collateral material. Our technology includes a marketing material platform and submission management system that lets MBAs access their deals, review their activity and generate commission reports.
  2. We also have highly experienced Business Development Managers (BDMs) that assist our MBAs in fulfilling sales and service roles. BDMs accept submissions from MBAs and their referral network, review submitted risks along with related tasks and calculating quotes. They also present the proposal to clients with the MBAs, and they handle all contractual matters for new clients who are on-boarding.

Pride Risk’s BDMs are truly what set our program apart from other workers’ comp coverage providers in the industry. Our least tenured BDM has a decade of experience; the cumulative expertise of our team is what makes our workers’ comp option so successful for our broker community and their clients.

Learn More about Becoming an MBA

By becoming a Master Broker Agent (MBA) with Pride Risk Solutions, you can address the need for a high-risk workers’ compensation solution. Learn more about how to help distressed organizations meet their goals and improve their bottom line.