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Are Your Commissions Protected? - Know Who You’re Doing Business With

July 6, 2016 | By Ralph Mencia, President, Pride Risk Solutions, Inc.

Staying informed is definitely a key attribute of a seasoned agent. So, if you are reading this, then I am confident the preceding assertion describes you. 

Every day it seems we are reading articles predicting the doom for some workers’ compensation carrier or PEO, whether self-inflicted or state mandated. Whatever the reason, these sorts of situations create stress for you and your client. 

How do you answer your clients many questions regarding the solution you placed them with and the risks associated with such? Is there E&O exposure to you and your agency? Inevitably your commission revenue is at risk!

From time to time even seasoned agents will overlook doing the needed due diligence on a carrier in order to find a solution for a desperate client. Unfortunately, this is risky.

The internet is an important tool for vetting an insurance solution and its fairly simple to do. This is not a step by step on how to, but more a message to agents at the importance of due diligence with respects to the solutions they find for their clients. 

I want to take this opportunity to provide you some insight on Southeast Personnel Leasing, Inc., a PEO, specializing in writing tough, high hazard, high mod type business. This may be an alternative form of workers’ compensation coverage but it is a financially sound long-term solution for your clients.

Agents are welcomed and encouraged to vet this financially sound solution.

Southeast Personnel Leasing, Inc. Attributes:

  • In business for 30 years
  • Own their own workers’ compensation carrier AM Best A- Rating
  • Positive material effect on client’s experience mods through effective loss control measures
  • Consistent long term competitive commissions
Agents must be appointed with Pride Risk Solutions in order to submit business to Southeast Personnel Leasing, Inc. for this program.