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Grow Your Business with a High Hazard Workers' Comp Program

Mar 17, 2016 | By Kimberly Hayden, Marketing/Relationship Manager, Pride Risk Solutions, Inc.

Pride Risk Solutions, Inc. (PRS) is a program/marketing management firm for SouthEast Personnel Leasing, Inc. (SPLI). SPLI is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), founded in 1986 and headquartered in the Tampa Bay area. PRS is tasked with the marketing of SPLI’s high hazard workers’ compensation coverage program.

PRS affords its appointed broker partners, Master Broker Agent (MBA), an opportunity to not only retain existing business but also more importantly solicit high hazard workers’ compensation risks. Due to a void existing for a high hazard workers’ compensation insurance coverage market, this may not have been a viable option in the past. PRS has a marketing platform and a submission management system that can provide its MBA’s the value of a quick turnaround on quotes. In addition, access to highly experienced Business Development Managers (BDM) to assist in the sales process for their prospects and existing clients.

Our appointed MBA’s utilizing this program as a financially sound coverage opportunity for their prospects/clients have found that obtaining a binding quote is fairly simple. All of the heavy lifting from the standpoint of effectuating coverage is done by PRS and their assigned BDM.

The PEO, SPLI, provides the coverage for this high hazard workers’ compensation program. In business for over 30 years, clients will be well served with the experience derived by SPLI servicing this highly volatile niche. Today, thousands of SPLI clients are availed of the services provided by a laser-focused partner experienced in effectively handling workers compensation claims and risk management. Its proven effectiveness has provided its clients the financial impact associated with lowering their experience modifiers. If you are a broker and you find yourself in a predicament because you are having difficulty in securing affordable workers compensation coverage for your client, then the PRS/SPLI high hazard program should definitely be your choice.

Typical criteria of a program candidate:

  • Few to no options for coverage
  • Experience Modifier over 1.0
  • Average Workers’ Compensation Rate of $8.00 and above
  • Minimum premium of $75,000

If your prospect meets the above criteria and you can furnish the following required documentation, then we can provide you a quote through one of our appointed MBA’s.

The following is required for a complete submission:

  • Acord 130
  • Complete Description of Operations
  • 5 Years Loss Runs (fully valued)
  • Screen Shot or Copy of X-Mod
  • Industry Specific Supplemental
  • Target Premium

Contact Pride Risk today if you are interested in accessing the program through one of its many MBA’s. If you are a large wholesaler, MGA/MGU and can meet certain performance expectations please contact Pride Risk today to inquire about getting appointed.