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When You See These Governing Codes, Think Pride Risk For Workers’ Comp

June 23, 2016

One of the most common questions we hear from agents interested in the high-hazard program is “what codes are the best fit?” Governing codes are only one of the factors that affect a company’s ability to find affordable workers’ compensation insurance—but they can have a critical impact on the cost of coverage.

The high-hazard workers’ compensation program powered by Pride Risk can provide a viable solution for any client that is having trouble finding affordable workers’ compensation coverage—regardless of industry. However, some businesses have inherently high risks due to the nature of their work, and specific governing codes can indicate that a company will need a specialized workers’ comp solution.

Securing Affordable Workers’ Comp Coverage Is Often Difficult in These Industries

The Pride Risk program covers high-risk insureds in a wide range of industries. Some of the most common governing codes covered under this solution include:

  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC/ Sheet Metal
  • Masonry
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical/ Plumbing/ Painting
  • Food Processing Bakeries/ Hospitality
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Trucking/ Transportation
  • Heavy Construction (Excluded in NY)
  • Cold Storage
  • Retail/ Wholesale
  • Staffing (Excluded in NY)
  • Seasonal Operations (Advised Upfront)
  • Property Mgmt.
  • Janitorial/ Residential Cleaning

Multiple Factors Affect the Cost of Workers’ Comp

In addition to the governing codes discussed above, the following factors are good indicators that a company might benefit from the Pride Risk workers’ comp solution.

  • Experience Modifiers over 1.00
  • Cancelled / Non-Renewed Coverage / Gap in Coverage
  • Large Losses / Poor Claims Experience
  • Few or no options other than the State Insurance Fund

Clients with these attributes often have trouble obtaining affordable coverage in the traditional insurance markets. But now, you can provide a solution.

The Secret to Marketing High-Hazard Workers’ Comp Solutions

Do you have workers’ comp cases on your desk today that you can’t find a home for?

Let Pride Risk be your solution for these difficult cases. You’ll be able to deliver immediate savings and long-term financial stability for your clients with a program that is designed to fit their specific risk management and financial objectives.

Our criteria and protocols are designed to provide workers’ comp coverage at the lowest possible price and ensure that coverage remains affordable. A core element of this solution is that clients get an experienced partner that is committed to effective claims management and loss control. This focus on financial stability and stewardship helps mitigate any risk factors that could otherwise increase the cost of workers’ comp.

Are you ready to take the next step toward marketing this innovative program?

Contact us today to learn how you can gain access to this exclusive workers’ compensation solution in a niche with high demand and limited competition. High-hazard clients represent a substantial market, and you’ll gain a valuable competitive edge with the power of Pride Risk behind you.