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Program Attributes (vary by state)

High Hazard Workers’ Compensation Solution

The best prospective risks for this program are those insured’s who have few to no option for affordable coverage. The “key benefit” of this program is the “significant hard dollars saved.” Ideal insured’s will save an amount equal to 2% to 10% (sometimes even greater) of their annual gross payroll. For example, if the insured’s annual payroll is $1,000,000, their savings could be between $20,000 and $100,000 for the year. Another notable feature of this program is that it has “low startup costs.” The insured pays only a small $1,000 policy fee plus nominal broker fee to initiate this “pay as you go” program. The policy fee and broker fee is substantially lower than the policy deposit of most traditional workers’ compensation programs. Clients faced with large deposits will experience immediate “cash flow” benefits with lower out-of-pocket expenditures.

  Program Attributes California New York
  Minimum Experience Modifier: Over 1.0 Over 1.0
  Minimum Expected & Renewal Premiums: $40,000 $40,000
  Approximate Unmodified Class Code Rate of
Governing Class Code:
$8.00 +/$100
in Gross Wages
  Minimum # of FT Employees: 15 within High Rate
Governing Codes
15 within High Rate
Governing Codes
  Minimum Wages: $26,000/Employee $26,000/Employee


  Examples of Ideal Risks

New York
  Heavy Construction Manufacturing
  Manufacturing Food Processing / Bakeries
  Food Processing / Bakeries Cold Storage
  Cold Storage Janitorial / Property Mgt. / Residential Cleaning
  Janitorial / Property Mgt. / Residential Cleaning Trucking / Transportation / Furniture Movers
  Trucking / Transportation / Furniture Movers Hospitality
  HVAC / Sheet Metal Drivers
  Masonry / Landscaping Warehouse Operations
  Seasonal Operations (Advised Upfront) Seasonal Operations (Advised Upfront)
  Electrical / Plumbing / Painting Retail / Wholesale
  Warehouse Operations Artisan Construction (Request Acceptable Codes)



New York
  USL&H Exposure Staffing
  Hazardous Material Handling USL&H Exposure
  Greater than 25% Use of Part-Time Labor Hazardous Material Handling
    Greater than 25% Use of Part-Time Labor

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