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eNewsletter | June 2017


May 2017: The 10 Biggest Labor and Employment Law Stories

May 2017: The 10 Biggest Labor and Employment Law Stories

There has been a flurry of significant developments that have taken place during the month of May.

Take a look at the top 10 Labor and Employment Law stories.

Grand Jury Convened - FBI Raids MEWA

Grand Jury Convened – FBI Raids MEWA
Workers' Comp Executive

A Grand Jury has been convened to investigate criminal charges against American Labor Alliance (ALA) and its officers. In addition, a FBI raid has been carried out on ALA headquarters with evidence seized.

Get further details about this ongoing investigation.

Berkshire Settles California's "Bait-and-Switch" Workers' Comp Insurance Case

Berkshire Settles California's `Bait-and-Switch' Workers' Comp Insurance Case

A settlement has been reached between Applied Underwriters and California Department of Insurance. Litigation was brought against Applied over its workers’ compensation insurance product.

Read more about the settlement on this case.

Dawn of a New Day? Labor Department Withdraws Obama-Era Guidance on Misclassification, Joint Employment

Dawn of a New Day? Labor Department Withdraws Obama-Era Guidance on Misclassification, Joint Employment
Fisher & Phillips

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) announced the withdrawal of the informal guidance on joint employment and independent contractors.

See what this development means for employers.

Drones Create Safety Opportunities, Raise Privacy Concerns

Drones Create Safety Opportunities, Raise Privacy Concerns
Business Insurance

The rising use of drones presents new opportunities to reduce workplace accidents, but a state-by-state regulatory system has created an uncertain terrain in terms of property and privacy rights.

Find out the benefits drones can provide and the regulatory hurdles employers can face.

Workers' Comp Line in Robust Health

Workers’ Comp Line in Robust Health
Risk & Insurance

Recent data from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) shows ongoing positive results for workers’ compensation insurers and favorable conditions for policyholders purchasing the coverage.

See why the NCCI data shows positive trends in the market.


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